I went on a number of shoots with Nike during their Jogabonito campaign. I was there mostly to shoot stills during the commercial campaign for TV ads that were being shot. We were lucky enough to spend some quality time with the Brazilian team. These guys are under so much pressure to perform and have so many people coming at them, you wonder how they can get loose enough to play the game they love. The shoot was high pressure, but also loose and fun. The key with top footballers under pressure is to give them a ball. It's pretty much that simple. Once they have a ball, the play factor comes in. Once the play factor is in you have a shot at getting some real moments to photograph.

This all sounds easier than it really is. A shoot like this goes way beyond me and my power to control a moment. I am just a cog on the wheel. I need to make sure I get my shots during the brief time I have with them. That is what the client pays me for. The players have so much going on they are not going to wait for me to get it right. In situations like this you really only get one shot. There is no time to be nervous.

Robinho: Art direction and design by Pierre Jeannau.


Ronaldinho at play. Art direction and design by Pierre Jeannau.

This design from a wallpaper that is downloadable from the Nike site.

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