Belgiun Sprinter Frauke Penen

We worked together during a shoot in Hannover Germany. We shot a sports model the day prior for the same shoot. The model was athletic and very good. Frauke is not really a model. She's an athlete who happens to work well in front of the camera. I was hesitant to show her the photos from the previous day as example because the model had done so well and I did not want to intimidate her right at the start. Athletes are not usually good at studio work. It could be that after years of practice they get better, but standing in front of a photographer in a big studio is not the primary reason they got into their sport.

Frouke insisted on taking a look at the photos with the model and we did. As we sat behind the big LCD studying the images from the previous day, I was really happy with the way the photos with the model turned out. After looking she said, 'is that all'. I had to laugh and figured we'd be in good shape for her shoot.
Here's a shot as they came out of my camera. Post process was a crop and some sharpening.

Design by Karina Engedal @ Under Armour

As a result of her efforts, I believe Under Armour chose to use more of her photos in place of the photos from the shoot with the sports model.

Design by Moritz von Graevenitz: Belgian Sprinter Frauke Penen in Action

This last design from Mortiz was a concept design for a pitch (edit: which Reebok later created to perfection without us).

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