Hannover 96 Fooball Kids

This was an Under Armour photo shoot we did together with the Hannover 96 bundes league team. These little guys are part of the select team at the club. These kids came in a little shy but once we gave them a football things got nutty. We were all standing around amazed at the control these little guys had. That was a good thing because I had a lot of photo gear set up as we were also shooting the Hannover 96 pros later that same day. Even with all the kicking and jumping around, all my gear remained upright. The one on the right in the shot below could not get a game face on for one of the shots we had in mind. He just kept on smiling and laughing no matter what we did.

This photo below is one of the ad designs Under Armour put together with a photo from the shoot. This was for their kids football gear.

Design by Michael Todas @ Under Armour

The photos against white need some cleaning and whitening up but you get the idea.

Here above is another one I like. This little guy would just cross his arms and look angry when asked to pose. Worked for me! It was a fun shoot and the next day the parents told us the kids had a lot of fun too.

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