Edit: DSB Bank went under in part due to the credit crisis. Ironic as I mentioned below about the crisis unfolding on the day we did this shoot!

Before you ask, 'where the hell are the speed skates'? I'll answer you. This was cross training photo shoot. The DSB bank team is co-sponsored by Under Armour. We shot three athletes in half a day; Marianne Timmer, Annette Gerritsen, en Mark Tuitert. It was my first time working with speed skaters so we had to feel it out a bit to figure worked. We had the athletes run through their usual training routines in under my big lights.

Design by Moritz von Graevenitz: Speed Skater Mart Tuitert in Action

Gear used for this shoot; Profoto strobes and a Canon 1Ds MK3 with a EF 50 1.2L. This lens holds it's own under big strobes. I love it. Only downside is the slow auto focus which can be a pain in the butt when shooting movement. The athletes came at me for some photos and the slow focus got in the way a few times.

Elmer van de Marel assisted for this shoot. Elmer is a photojournalist. He works for various Amsterdam newpapers. Check out his site. This shoot happened in September as the credit crisis was unfolding. Papers were calling him screaming for images. Once we got things under control he made a run to the Amsterdam version of Wall Street and took some great pictures of stock brokers staring bored and depressed at their computer screens. At least the news paper editors were happy.

Annette Gerritsen in Action.

The key to getting this kind of photography to work is all in the eyes. Athletes know how to move. Most of them have been doing the same moves since they childhood. What they do not do every day is stand in front of a photographer in a big studio with lots of light. Getting the eyes 'working' in takes time, coaching, and a bit of luck. You have to be very aware how far you can push things. In most cases we are not going all out in the training. For one, I don't need it to get the photo and secondly I don't want to hurt anyone! It took Annette (and myself) some time to get it right. When she did, we got some great shots. Mark Tuitert was pretty much a natural from the first photo. Marianne Timmer held her own as well.
Athlete Marianne Timmer flashing her eyes.

design by Mendo - photo curtacy of USG

Here's a Perry Sport storefront window with one of the final designs.

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