I worked with the Hannover 96 fooball team for their player signature cards and merchandising photography. This was one day full day of going all out and getting the entire team photographed in action in the studio as individuals. The challenge was to get each player performing a move they would do regularly in a real game situation. The whole shoot was hard work, but we had good fun. I had worked with a few of the players already from previous shoots so at this point the players knew how I worked and what was expected of them. Everyone worked hard and that made my life so much easier.

Graphic Design by Karina Engedal. Photo Illustration by Moritz von Graevenitz: Tim Hofmann going for the ball.

Valerien Ismael going for a header.

This is what the photos look like before the post production. Because the schedule was really tight we had a lot of people on the photo set. The good thing about having more athletes on the shoot set at the same time is that they start to compete with each-other to get the best shot. This little trick helps create the loose atmosphere you need to get the special photos. Digital workflow has really helped as well. I typically will have my assistant immediately load the photos onto a computer to view the photos on a large LCD. I personally do not need the large screen to see if I am getting my shots. The large screen does help pump the athlete up to go harder to get the perfect photo (or at least a better one than the other guys). The client also loves seeing the immediate feedback.

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