Fernando Torres

I was part of a team who went around to profile key Nike football athletes during the Jogabonito campaign leading up to the world cup 2006. Don't need to tell you, this was amazing fun. Nike sorted access to the players and I had decent freedom to get the shots I wanted to get. Fernando is a super mellow and nice guy. We shot him when he was still at Atlético Madrid. He was already a great player, but really just getting started and still a little camera shy. The thing that blew me away while shooting him was how much power he could generate when kicking the ball from an almost stand still position. We were shooting him in the center of the main pitch at Atlético and I was booming balls at the goal with ease.

This one below was actually shot with my point and shoot while I was changing the battery on my SLR.

Fernando Torres getting his game face on. Shot with a small point and shoot.

Design by Moritz von Graevenitz

This photo was not used for the Jogabonito campaign. The design is part of a series of design tests that Mortiz made with the Liverpool logo. I just really like what he did with the image. I shot this one in bright daylight on the Atlético stadium field with my Canon 1D MKII and a 70-200mm 2.8L

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