Hannover 96 Fußball

New work from a recent Hannover 96 Fußball production. We spent a day working  with the Hannover athletes to capture their 2011 promotional images. This particular picture was the second set up of the morning. The athletes were sort of just waking up. Direction for this picture was to capture all four athletes at the same time in a full on celebration. Of course I said 'no problem, we can shoot four guys at the same time'. In the back of my mind I was thinking this would be a difficult picture. Getting one athlete in motion under studio lights to look real is hard enough; Getting four athletes to pull off believable celebration looks all at the same time is next to impossible. Long story short. We set the lights up. I gave the guys direction. We nailed it on the 3rd shot. I was very much amazed.

Art Direction Moritz von Graevenitz. Athletes: Sergio Pinto, Steven Cherundolo, Didier Ya Konan,  Emanuel Pogatetz

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