Welsh Rugby Union

These are first images to be released from our photo shoot with the Welsh Rugby Union. These big multi-day team shoots are a grind, but the long hours often help get a production team into a solid groove. When this happens we move beyond the planning stages and into the sweet spot where only one thing matters. Getting the pictures. I'd like to call it magic, but really it's just plain old hard work and a maniacal attention to detail. I'll post more images as I see them appear. Here's a screen-grab from the Under Armour UK website and a behind the scenes picture from the WRU kit launch.

Jonathan Davies
Paul James,  George North,  Ryan Bevington  |  (image courtesy of Under Armour UK)

The ingredients that go into getting the photo; art director, designer, marketing managers, sports marketing manager, assistants, athlete, a photographer and a really sweet studio. This is a little video from one of our setups in the WRU Barn. The other film camera is WRU filming a making of. Said it before, I'll say it again; I wish I could turn this place into my studio! It's good to dream..

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