ASM Clermont Auvergne 2012 Jersey Launch

It's official. ASM Rugby nouveau maillot 2012! ASM Clermont Rugby launched their new jersey and I finally get to post a few pics from this shoot. Here is a quick selection showing a few of the different setups we put together during the shoot. We shot on location in Clermont, France. Tight planning and great teamwork helped us pull off three locations. 

Jamie CUDMORE, Aurélien ROUGERIE, Anthony FLOCH, Julien PIERRE
We need to get the 'making of' film online for this shoot. I shot these close encounters with Jamie with a wide lens. He had to come at me pretty hard and close to get the effect we were looking for. Needless to say I ducked like a wussy when he came in. Looking through the lens of my camera it felt like he was going to crush me. Hope that comes through in the photo. This image is by no means polished. Just one that I really like. BOOM!

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