Under Armour Basketball

And now for something completely different from my life African. Flew back to France for a production with Under Armour. The focus of the shoot was Clermont Rugby but we managed to fit in a couple of 'Core' Under Armour sports as well.  The new Clermont Rugby jerseys launch in July, so those pictures will have to wait until then. I can show a little basketball action.

Under Armour brought new recruit Edwin Jackson a 6-foot 3-inch, 201-pound shooting guard from ASVEL Lyon. Under Armour creative team put together a storyboard of the moves they wanted captured. We did this shoot in the Clermont stadium ceremony room with big strobes. The place was perfect for a temporary studio as it was huge and dark. Camera set @ around f11-f16 @ 1/200th so my backgrounds went nice and dark and the athlete/apparel jumped out at me through my lens. To put pictures like this in perspective in terms of man hours. After a couple of weeks of pre-production, Under Armour brought to the shoot; a creative director, sports marketing manager, a product specialists, and I came with lighting assistants. When all is said and done, I dial in the camera and lights but there is no way to get shots like this alone. We also filmed a 'making of' which is in post production now. We'll try to get a piece of the film online in the coming month. Here are two photos from the shoot. 

This was my first time shooting basketball with a proper studio set-up. Definitely would love to go crazy lighting up a proper basketball court and doing a big shoot on location at some point in the future.

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