A little piece of Lance

Worked the 2010 Tour de France start in Rotterdam this weekend. Amazing to have a shot at getting Tour pictures so close to home. Here's one of Lance Armstrong. Unlike the lucky official Tour photographers, I did not have a motorcycle at my disposal to whisk me around the course. Or more importantly to give me more than one shot at a rider. I went early and scouted a few spots from which I thought I'd get the best chance at making the shot. I wanted to shoot all the big riders in this years tour but mostly I wanted a good shot of Lance. I practiced on the first riders that came through to make sure I had everything set-up right. Then I took a little break and started to get nervous as I waited. I had about 5 seconds per rider to get my shot. The rain came early in the prologue making for some beautiful reflective lighting. It also slowed down the speeds of the riders a bit which made it a little easier to get my shot. Most of my favorite shots of the day came during the rain. Rain adds drama. I was selfishly hoping it would keep raining during Lance's ride. Lance got lucky. It stopped raining and the streets dried up a bit. I ended up having enough time to squeeze off 10 frames of Lance as he blasted past. I think I got him pretty good. Here's one. Click on the link below to see more shots of other riders.

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