Phase One P65+ on a Hasselblad H3

NDAs (non-disclosure agreement) are no fun for photographer. Clients working on campaigns need them and we sign and honor them (of course). Photographers love to show their work. Showing new work also helps to getting more work. Here is what I can show you. A test shot from a recent photo shoot. I can't say much about the job other than that we were working with 180 Amsterdam for Adidas on a World Cup related project.

I'm the one holding the beast of large format camera. Dropping this camera would cost me $50K. Big Bird covers the athlete for now.

Below is a test shot. Levi helped out with the lighting during this shoot. Locking down a good skate phot was the perfect way to test our set-up.  The final set-up was Phase One P65+ on a Hasselblad H3 hard synced to Profoto strobes.
Working with the Phase One P65+ on a Hasselblad H3 body was fun. I shoot mostly with the Canon DSLRs. In many cases the Canon cameras hold up more than fine. We've printed 80 meter wide billboards from processed Canon RAW files with no problems. Aside from the crazy 65 mega pixel files, this new large format kit excels in flash sync speeds. Canon is stuck @ around 1/250th of a second. This is fine for most studio situations though I wish they could get things working up to 1/500th. If you want to capture fast sports action without the usual motion blurs you need to get up to around 1/500th-1/800th. The Phase One / Hasselblad kit got me there.

In short, my opinion on cameras is that a good photographer will get shots with whatever he or she is holding. Technology helps but it does not take the picture. That said it was a pleasure to work with this kit. Bit of a bummer I would need to fork out $50K to own one!

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