Ode aan Marianne Timmer

Good news update; Marianne missed the Vancouver Olympics but announced that she will extend her skating career another year. Most skating fans already know this, but there you have it. Hopefully (for me) I get another chance at shooting her in action!

Damn.. Marianne Timmer was ready for her swan song this Olympic year. She trained her ass off all summer and was ready to go out on top. Unfortunately, she fractured her foot in an unlucky fall early on in the racing season. Everyone expected her to retire after this injury, but she fought through it. Amazingly, she recovered enough to fight for a place on the Olympic team but there was not enough time to get herself super fit for the comeback. Vancouver is about the start and she missed her final chance to defend her Olympic title. I followed the comeback. Very sad to see that she did not make it. Happy to see she went down fighting! I have a feeling she is not yet finished with speed skating. Here's one of my favorite photo's we shot together last summer.

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