Sven Kramer

The Sven Kramer 'Brood Daar Zit Wat In' campaign is kicking off. Agency Keesie and Voorlichtingbureau Brood are leading the campaign. Look for the posters and ads around Holland if you happen to be a Dutch reader.

design: Moritz von Graevenitz, Jeroen van Asstyling: Philip Deliever | make-up: Anna Speller 
The 'making of' is rough cut movie of the photoshoot. Click on the HD option to watch at the highest quality. We shot @ Angel Studio in Amsterdam. Great place to work.

making of from AG Photography. cameraman: Levi Verspeek

RTL Boulevard (TV) aired a short segment about Sven Kramer and the BROOD campaign. I think they said they liked the poster. All good! Click on the picture to the watch the show:   RTL Boulevard with Sven Kramer

Sven Kramer signs posters at the Euromast National Schoolontbijt Evenement.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Super, enjoyed the making of, thanks for sharing this.

    Is the bread stylist available to make my kids' sandwiches in the morning?

  2. Love the poster. Is there anywhere posters can be purchased? We have a Dutch student at our school & everyone is crazy about Sven here--I'd love to get a poster of him.

  3. voor Sven posters en nog meer