Naish Wave Masters | Aloha Beach Wijk aan Zee

Worked together with film maker Julian Watson to shoot motion and photos of the Naish Wave Masters windsurf competition @ Aloha Beach in Wijk aan Zee. I shot the whole thing on a Canon 5DMK2 with a 400mm 2.8 plus 1.4x extender. The set-up performed well. It was blowing 40 knots so conditions were pumping. Good fun! Julian had a 4x4 truck parked almost in the surf-break. I shot from the inside through an open window. It was kind of nice to look out from the car window at the other photogs standing in the wind and rain! While setting up a few mood shots I got lucky: Maurice Both (winner of the event) pulled this move off in the background. Thanks also to Motion Magazine and Access for putting on this event.

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