Rugby in Holland

I love shooting live rugby. The problem is that I live in Holland. The problem is not that there are no great rugby games happening in Holland. There are. The problem is that the economics of it do not really make sense for a photographer who makes his living from his pictures. There just are not enough news outlets or fans willing to pay for the images. I still go out and shoot games for the clubs for the pure joy of it. The game has so much to offer to the photographer and fan. The Dutch rugby league is made up of hardcore amateurs and some paid pros. I'm guessing the French or UK or SA or Kiwi rugby fans are going to say that the caliber of the game is much higher their country. That would be a true statement. It does not mean that the games in Holland are not fun to watch. They are! If you are living in Holland and have not gone to see one, I recommend you go. The games are from the heart and the teams go at each-other hard.

This shot was taken at the end of a game with AMSTELVEEN RC 1890 beating AMSTERDAMSE AC. This photo to me is all about 'To the victor goes the spoils'.

For the non-rugby fans, at the end of the game the losing team lines up and claps while the winning team walks through the lineup. It's a great sporting moment after what is usually a brutal and hard fought game. The next step after the lineup is shower and then clubhouse pub. The Amsterdam rugby club house is a great place to have a beer or 20.

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