ACG Super Heros Hot HOT!

No really, it was the hottest shoot I have ever been part of. It was July and we were in the middle of a heat-wave in Amsterdam. The studio I rented out had no air-conditioning. Either way it would have been impossible to keep cool as it was huge. We shot 10 NIKE ACG sponsored team rider athletes in a super hero concept. This was for the ACG winter apparel collection. Imagine wearing hot winter outfits in 35 degree Celsius weather. It may have been 40C+ degrees in the studio. Then imagine a make-up artist pulling out her hair trying to keep the sweat from running down the faces of the athletes during the shoot. Also picture me barefoot in shorts and no shirt jumping around the studio trying like hell to get my shots. On second though scratch that last image..

I still had my shoes on at this point.

ACG team rider: Max Galfre

Sweating athlete and ACG team rider: Jaime Pauigdengoles
ACG team rider: Dan Wakeham

These action sports heros have way too much fun. If you are good enough to get sponsored and make a living in action sports, I recommend you drop everything and just do it. We shot for three days and got some cool photos. Nike asked me to bring a skateboard to the shoot which I did. We were going to use it for a few shots not related to the Super Hero concept. It took these dudes all of 30 minutes to break my board jumping off trash-bins.

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