The Wedding Photographer

This is a funny one for photographers. I started working as a commercial photographer only after my first career in product management for various tech companies in Silicon Valley. My first couple of paid gigs in photography were weddings and events. To this day I have experienced few clients out there who look at photography with a more critical eye than certain brides.. Getting really good lasting photos during weddings is hard freaking work. You have to be everywhere at once and you absolutely cannot miss the key cliche moments. I have a lot of respect for the photographer who can pull off successfully shooting them full time while still remaining sane.

It's been a few years since I shot a wedding now. I'm posting this one because I love the photo.

Kluun and Nathalie just married and riding a 'bakfiets' in the vondel park.

I shot this wedding without really knowing much about the character on the bike. I got to know him and his wife during a fabulous wedding day and long crazy night (that went on into the next day). Turned out he's a pop culture figure in The Netherlands. I missed that one as I did not grow up here.

This shot was taken as they were leaving the Vondel Park after getting married in the local court house and having a great lunch in the Vondel tuin with all their friends and family. This was their first moment alone together (well.. almost alone) after an action packed first half of the day.

By now I know who he is and I follow his writing. This being his most famous book Komt een vrouw bij de Dokter.

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