Kids at Play

This picture reminds me of so many things. One of them is about why I started shooting pictures. I took this photo while on a surf trip along the Atlantic coast of France. I was still shooting on film, mostly Fuji Provia 100 and 400 film. My longest lens at the time was 100-400 f5.6 zoom. I did not have water housing. The waves were not that great. My photos were not turning out the way I planned. The list of excuses goes on. I was not getting anything. So, I'm sitting on this dune over looking the ocean, not feeling all that great about myself as a photographer when all of a sudden these happy boys show up with their parents. The waves were closing out and crashing hard on the beach. The kids were not really prepared to swim as none had swim suits. I think they came in from a local hockey tournament at a nearby arena. For about an hour the parents (and I) watched these kids committed kamikaze in the shore-break. They were getting smashed by the waves and absolutely loving it. It was amazing fun to watch.

I shot a few pictures that day and this is one of them. It felt so good to have a camera with me to capture the moment. You never really know how others will react or interpret your pictures. Sometimes a very personal feeling you have for a photograph can get in the way of sorting out if the photograph has meaning beyond your own memory of the moment.

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